SEO Services & Training

(Search Engine Optimization)

Local SEO (full service)

Are you a local business looking to gain more website traffic through search engines like Google? Not sure you have the time to learn a brand new skill to make that happen? No sweat! We have already done all the research, made all the mistakes and learned mad SEO skills through trial & error. So let us save you all this heartache and do the SEO for you. 

Local SEO starts at $1500

Here is what is included:

- Keyword Research

- SEO Site Plan

- SEO Plugin Set-up

- Sitemap Creation & Submission

- Analytics & Webmaster Tools Set-up

- Onsite Content Optimization

- Create/Optimize Google, Bing, Yahoo Business Listings

- Create/Optimize Social Media Business Listings

- Create/Optimize Major Data Aggregators Business Listings

- Repair Local Listing Inconsistencies

- Create/Optimize business profiles on 50+ other local directories

- Montly Analytic Reports (first 3 months)

- 1hr of DIY SEO Training

Other SEO Services

Optimize Content on Website Only:

If you are looking for a good place to start with SEO but don't want to jump all in then optimizing the content you already have on your website is the foundation of all SEO campaigns. With this service we will set up SEO plugins and optimize your pages/posts for you.

Onsite SEO Starts at $750* 

Google Analytics Set-up:

Google analytics got you like what? You know it’s important to track your visitors, but you have no idea how to install it - nevermind translate the data. With this service we'll set up analytics for you and give you a little training on how to make sense of all the reporting. 

Analytic Set-up is $75

Google Webmaster Tools Set-up:

Google Webmaster Tools makes sure your site is visible to search engines. It also scans your site for malware & broken links, plus it monitors the general health of your website. Sounds pretty important right? With this service we'll set it up for you and give you a little training on how to read the data & make repairs on your website.

Webmaster Set-Up is $75

DIY SEO Training:

Are you super curious about SEO and want to learn how to optimize your website on your own. Let us show you how. 

Training is $75 p/hour

And more specialized SEO & maintenance services for creatives...

Yoast SEO Plugin Set-up

If you have done any research on SEO for Wordpress you have probably heard of a guy named Yoast. He created a super cool plugin for Wordpress that helps a ton with SEO. We are talking game changer! With this service we'll install that nifty plugin and dial in the basic settings for you. Once it's installed we'll give you a little training on how to use it to optimize your website content.

Plugin Installation Start at $75

Google Adwords Set-up

Did you know there is a way to get your website ranking on the first page of Google without a ton of SEO work? It's not free but that is exactly what Google Adwords does. With this service we'll do the keyword research and setup a few ad campaigns for you using your pre-determined budget.

Adwords Setup Starts at $150

SEO Maintenance

Analytics & Webmaster Tools Maintenance

Our Google Analytics maintence plan includes monthly reports highlighting the visitor data that really matters to you. It also includes clean-up of the spam data that trickles into pretty much all accounts, mucking up your stats. Each month we'll go over the reported data with you and give you helpful tips on what you can do to get more people on your website.

Our Google WebMaster Tools maintence plan includes monitoring the health of your website and repairing problems that arrise like broken links. Each month we'll report to you what we fixed and if there is anything you can do to make your website run better.

Site Maintenance is $60 per Service or $100 for both per month 

Adwords Maintenance

You've got a Google Adwords campaign running and now you are watching the money fly out the window. We'll make sure that money is well spent by monitoring your ad weekly and tweaking it along the way so the clicks you pay for are real leads. We'll check in with you weekly and let you know how your ad is doing and how much you have spent giving you the opportunity to make budget adjustments. 

Adwords Maintenance starts at $50 p/month

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