About Melissa

Hey! I'm Melissa, and I like to help people.

It started as a young child. I was the oldest of four siblings and the only girl. I helped my mother a lot around the house caring for my siblings while she pursed her college degree. Being able to make her life a little easier during that super busy time made me feel good and purposeful. Years later when I moved into the corporate world I gravitated towards support roles. I liked being the woman making things happen behind the scenes. When I exited the world of big companies I realized that I got even more satisfaction out of helping small business owners succeed. 

I strongly believe in, and support other people's dreams. I love talking about business, and I totally geek out when someone starts telling me about their business goals. My mind runs a million miles a minute thinking of ways I can help them reach those goals. A few years ago a lightbulb went off and I realized I could actually have my own fulfilling business doing just that - helping business owners. And so Melissa & Co. was created.

When I'm not obsessing over other people's businesses I enjoy long walks on the beach. Seriously though, I walk the Coronado coastline a few times a week. Something about the ocean has always energized me. I love being outdoors, hiking, gardening, and discovering San Diego. 

A few more facts about me:

I'm originally from the east coast, and I'm the lone west-coaster of my family. This means that my friends here are my adopted family, and I wouldn't survive without them or my photographer husband, Josh.

I'm a total extravert and I get energized when I'm around people - but I still don't like big crowds.

I think I must be a "new soul" because I'm attracted to activities that sound awesome to a 10 year old... Pokémon Go anyone?

If I had time for an additional career it would be as an interior designer. I'm obsessed with modern decor and pretty little things. 

I'm happiest doing flips in a swimming pool.

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